I'm William
I'm a 21-year old developer based in the UK, currently studying Computer Science at the University of Exeter.
I have an interest in data-driven design, and have just over 2 years of professional freelance experience.
I've been programming since the age of 14 - with an initial interest in game development, I learnt C# and the Unity engine. Over time, I have built skills and my interests within technology have developed. During completing my Computer Science degree, I took on various different freelance projects, mostly game modifications and also jobs such as code automation and creating tools for teams.

I am currently looking for a job as I am at the end of my degree. If you are interested in hiring me, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at billkilby.dev@gmail.com .
Technology is my foremost hobby. The near-infinite possibilities of what people are able to create through technology is awe-inspiring and is one of the reasons why I love keeping up and involving myself with technology.

As well as following technology and programming, I also try to stay active in various different forums, helping new developers where I can. People helping me when I was younger was essential to me staying motivated and following my passions, so hopefully I can provide that to someone else too.
The Great Outdoors
Nature is awesome. The rugged landscapes, the different species of animals, and how they have come to exist is really interesting. I find that it inspires me with programming too, since I really enjoy making generators, such as my Kingdom Map Generator , that try to mimic what nature has created.

I enjoy going on hikes, and have attempted multiple day hikes such as the West Highland Way in Scotland Being out in nature is very humbling and calming, and I find is a good way to wind down.
There are many personal goals that I would love to fufill, with the main one being completing the three crowns; the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail), the Appalachian Trail, and the CDT (Continental Divide Trail).

Other personal goals include collaborating on large projects online, completing various gamejams and hackathons, and creating opensource content that others can build upon. A lifelong software dream of mine is to release my own game. This is likely not going to happen anytime soon, but it is something that I will work towards once I am more settled in the industry.
I would love to work at a company where my code has real impact to people. Whether this be through packages, software, APIs, or another avenue, it would bring great satisfication to me to know that the code I have written is having an impact people's daily lives.

With that being said, I realise that I am at the start of my career, so the goals I have currently are very much likely to change in the future and as I build on my experience.
At the start of 2024, I started writing a blog to document my programming journey, as well as have a way to introspect on any projects that I had completed. There are also some personal blogs in there about trips I have taken and other topics that I find interesting.

Below is a randomly served selection of blogs, as well as a button to see them all!
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There is a curated portfoliom with some of the projects I am most proud of, hosted on this website. It contains projects year by year from 2020, but includes some projects created before that.

Below are some highlights of my portfolio - please click the link below them to see the full selection.
The hero of the portfolio item.
New Personal Website
A new personal website built by hand using Tailwind and native JavaScript. Started on the 30th of January, and completed within 2 weeks.
8th February 2024
The hero of the portfolio item.
Kingdom Remastered
A native Javascript project which generates a hexagonal world map, with modifiable generation settings. Human features coming soon.
The hero of the portfolio item.
Advent of Code 2023
Solved multiple days of the 2023 Advent of Code competition. Achieved 3rd place in my University leaderboard and ranked high in others.
25th December 2023